Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wireless speed tests

In the comments to my post sruchris said:
Using the wifi on my 1001p, I'm only getting 1Mb/s download. When I use the wired connection, I get 5Mb/s.
So I tried a little speed testing by myself. As I have no server machine, NAS or the like in my home network I used a test FTP server of my ISP. I used a 72 Mb file. The 1001p downloaded at 2.0 Mb/s. My Thinkpad T61 notebook using b/g wireless had about same. When using ethernet the 1001p does 3.8 Mb/s and the notebook 4.2 Mb/s.

I think that's not so bad. My wireless router is a Linksys WRT54G and due to my old cables I still have 100 Mbit ethernet.

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  1. Did a speedtest on my wireless with the new drivers. Results from Speedtest.net:

    Down: 20.05 mb/s
    Up: 10.57 mb/s

    Have no results with the old drivers (using ndiswrapper), but I had a pretty slow connection whereas now things are loading fast (as they well should with the internet we have here).Drivers make a difference, but so far I am happy with my 1001P.