Thursday, May 6, 2010

Internal microphone workaround

I found a workaround for the internal microphone. The problem is that the current driver sees the microphone as a stereo device, so you have to make it mono. After the workaround it's usable but it has a lot of background noise.

1. Install pulseaudio volume control
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol
2.  Open it
Applications -> Sound & Video -> PulseAudio volume control 
3. Goto tab  'Input Devices' and select 'Hardware Input Devices' from the Show control at the bottom.

4. Unlock the stereo channels by clicking on on lock icon

5. Adjust one channel to zero and the other to 90% to 100%


1. Install Skype

2. Go to Skype's Options -> Sound Devices and uncheck 'Allow Skype to automatically adjust mixer levels'

3. Hit apply and make a test call

Kernel update 2.6.32-22

Today I've checked the ubuntu updates again and... voila there was a new kernel. So I downloaded the current compat-wireless to prepare for my wireless fix and I updated.

Wireless was still not working , so I compiled compat-wireless bleeding edge: compat-wireless-2010-05-05. Works. Interesting is that two finger scrolling works now on the mousepad. But honestly I fiddled so much around to have this working that I don't know now if it's because of my workarounds or the new kernel.

Is this working for you guys now? Please tell me.

Chromium doesn't drain battery

Well, as I said I filed a bug but soon I learned that I didn't think of the possibility that one of my extensions could be the reason. And so it was. My beloved google mail checker 'Google Mail Checker Plus" was the trouble. Since I uninstalled it chrome is running fine. I posted a report at the developer's forum.